Saturday, November 6, 2010

It's all for the 'squish' effect

So, Kerri, Alex, Tara and I were messing around on the playground and like we were talking about the game sardines. And how it's always two guys or two girls hiding so as too avoid purpleing. And Kerri made this really good point about how Alex doesn't really search very hard when guys are hiding, but when girls are hiding, he searches like crazy. And we all pretty much agree that Alex plays sardines simply for the 'squish' effect when he finds the girls. That's totally Alex.....

If your ever out in public with a group of teens, and you can't find Alex. Go find the girls. You find the girls. You find Alex.

It's the hair. I'm telling you it's that boys hair. Nice and silky and blonde and long and.....*that's kinda weird coming from a guy huh*....anywho, you get the picture.


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