Thursday, November 18, 2010

I left my spelling in the second grade.

This is a sign I saw while driving(don't worry, I was not myself driving as that would be illegal) thru town.

"We gladley accept credit cards".

Now, is there something wrong with that sentence? You bet your overpriced-jeans-with-holes-in-them there is! The person who wrote that is still in the SECOND GRADE!!!! My next question is this one, "with that low of an I.Q., how the heck did he/she get a job"? And who's dumb enough to hire that person.....jeeez...what have we become?!?!?!

So, after a very tough day of school, I went and saw Unstoppable starring Denzel Washington with my DaddyOOO....*judge me*....and it was pretty good. It's based off a true story so that was cool. It's really nothing more than a exciting, edge-of-your-seat-drama! It's based on a runaway train. I really didn't expect much from it in the first place anyway, so...ANYHOO!!!!....

I'm off too bed, toodles!

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