Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pregnant men?

Actually, it's Couvade Syndrome.Otherwise known as Sympathetic Pregnancy.Turns out men can get pregnant, or at least think they can. Turns out some men, who's wives are pregnant, can develop some of the same side effects of his wife like extreme cravings or mood swings. And then their mind turns on them, telling them that they have what are now called, "phantom swollen bellies",. They get bloated stomachs. Their mind in fact tells them is trying to convince them that they are carrying a child. This was first discovered by Hippocrates around 300 BC. Some men can even feel pains that rival the labor pains of his wife. And all these symptoms usually start and end the same time their wife's does. Some men have even gone to the doctor who couldn't give a physical explanation. Weird huh?

Don't believe me, here's a link

One should always wear boots when working around nails. I didn't and then payed the price by stepping on a nice, sized nail and putting a hole in my foot. Your thinking "fail" right? Well, as my friend Dillon and I were thinking, actually, this will inevitably end up with me getting a new pair of shoes(now that they have a hole in them),. So, I failed so hard that something good came out of it, a new pair of shoes!! It's Failtacular!!

ZombieLand Rule # 2: Beware of Bathrooms!
It seems that when your at your most vulnerable, zombies can just smell it.Always check a bathroom*with a loaded gun or lethal weapon* before entering.

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Hannah said...

I sure hope Ridge doesn't get that way.....that would be kind of pathetic. I don't think he will though. Sorry about your foot. Congrats on the shoes.